Service and Expertise

Our expertise, services and assistance extend to the following:
We offer world-class WHOPES approved application equipment that is allied to our vector control business that includes WHOPES approved indoor residual spraying (IRS) pesticide products and WHOPES approved larvicides and repellents.

Manufacturing concentrates and toll manufacturing of formulations

Wefco’s comprehensive service offering ensures that all quality assurance and regulatory compliance requirements are managed and maintained, giving you the peace of mind necessary to outsource the important, but onerous activities of manufacturing your finished product. Dedicated manufacturing plants, each specializing in formulations for the public health, animal health and agricultural sectors respectively all conform to ISO 9001 specifications, ensuring best manufacturing best practices are met, while the strategic sourcing and use of only authorised, quality, active technical ingredients guarantees a finished product that conforms to all necessary quality specifications and compliance requirements.

Formulation services

Wefco are at the forefront of developing pest control products for the local market and abroad. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the relevant and appropriate application of a wide array of active technical ingredients, science-based methodologies, and many years of practical experience in controlling pests have all contributed to the many successful, efficient, and cost-effective formulations we have achieved. Our formulation capabilities include but are not limited to aerosols, emulsifiable concentrates, suspension concentrates, wettable powders, granules, and pellets. In assisting customers with their formulation requirements, Wefco is also able to facilitate access to the relevant active technical ingredients for future manufacturing, as well as any dossier requirements they may require during the registration process.

Consulting, advisory, registration and training services

Navigating the Southern African regulatory landscape is often difficult and challenging. Through decades of experience, Wefco has achieved successful outcomes in this area, and makes this experience, together with our tried and tested methodologies available to potential customers through our consulting, advisory and training services. Whether it is starting a new project from the development stages or for the maintenance of on-going product registrations, Wefco is well positioned to partner with you to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and effectively managed.

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