Methomyl – Carbamate

Insecticides Methomyl - Carbamate

Methomyl is a broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action. It is used to control a wide range of insect pests in crop protection particularly Lepidoptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Diptera and Coleoptera. Being a systemic insecticide it is used for foliar treatment of vegetable, fruit, olives, hops and field crops, cotton, tobacco and commercial ornamentals. In farm hygiene, professional and household use it is used in combination with food attractants and the fly pheromone (Z)-9-Tricozene in fly baits where it exhibits rapid knockdown and kill. Product is dispensed strategically in and around animal houses, piggeries, poultry houses and other high density breeding areas. Formulations include wettable powders, water soluble powders and baits.

It can be used on its own or in combination with other insecticides and the synergist piperonal butoxide that enhances the activity of an insecticide and assists in overcoming metabolic (detoxification) resistance.

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