Diflubenzuron – Benzoylurea

Diflubenzuron - Benzoylurea

Diflubenzuron is an insecticide of the benzoylurea class and is a chitin synthesis inhibitor interfering with the formation of the insect cuticle. It has no toxic effects on adult insects. It is a non-systemic growth regulator with contact and stomach action used in forest management and on field crops. It effectively kill fungus gnat larvae in commercial greenhouses as well as mushroom fly, grasshopper and locust larvae.

It is a widely used larvicide for control of mosquito larvae in public health programmes and is approved by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme. In animal health it is used as an ectoparasiticide applied as a topical application on sheep for the control of lice, fleas and blowflies and in farm hygiene is used as a drench or spray for controlling fly breeding in manure and other decaying organic matter in and around high-density animal houses. Formulations include emulsifiable concentrates, wettable powders, granules, wettable granules, hot fogging concentrates, oil miscible suspensions, suspension concentrates and ultra-low volume (ULV)liquids.

It can be used on its own or in combination with other insecticides and the synergist piperonal butoxide that enhances the activity of an insecticide and assists in overcoming metabolic (detoxification) resistance.

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