About Us

Over the past 26 years the business has evolved from the distribution of pesticide technical materials to include integrated vector management, and insect resistance management where we partner, advise and collaborate with governments, RBM, WHO, NGO’s, livestock farming organisations, mining companies, commercial businesses, and the pest control industry.

Our expertise, services and assistance extend to the following:

  1. pesticide technical grade materials (active ingredients)
  2. veterinary anthelmintic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s)
  3. manufacturing concentrates
  4. toll manufacturing of formulations
  5. formulation services
  6. registration services
  7. advisory and training relating to public health vector control, pest control programmes and farm hygiene practices.

We offer world-class WHOPES approved application equipment that is allied to our vector control business that includes WHOPES approved indoor residual spraying (IRS) pesticide products and WHOPES approved larvicides and repellents.