Wefco Marketing International was registered as a company in the Republic of South Africa in 1989 and is a dedicated and focused distributor of pesticides technical materials (active ingredients), manufacturing concentrates and anthelmintic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’S) servicing the public health vector control industry, livestock and companion animal health, farm hygiene and the consumer/household markets in the region.

We have developed meaningful relationships with international pesticide and anthelmintic manufacturing companies over the years and represent them as their agent and distributor in the southern, central and east Africa markets as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.

Over the past 26 years the business has evolved to include integrated vector management, and insect resistance management where we partner, advise and collaborate with governments, RBM, WHO, NGO’s, livestock farming organisations, mining companies, commercial business, and the pest control industry.

Our expertise, services and assistance extend to the following:

  1. pesticide technical grade materials (active ingredients)
  2. veterinary anthelmintic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s)
  3. manufacturing concentrates
  4. toll manufacturing of formulations
  5. formulation services
  6. registration services
  7. advisory and training relating to public health vector control, pest control programmes and farm hygiene practices.

We offer world-class application equipment that is allied to our vector control business. These include the WHO approved Hudson X-Pert compression sprayer used in indoor residual spraying and larviciding programmes.

Our pesticide technical materials include insecticides and rodenticides used in a variety of formulations to combat nuisance and vector mosquitoes, flies, biting midges, horseflies, sandflies, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, lice, cockroaches, ants, stored product insects, beetles, moths, rats, mice and other insect pests of public health and animal health importance.

Our veterinary anthelmintics are available for the control of parasitic helminths and other internal parasites found in livestock and companion animals.


Technical Materials